Monday, March 03, 2008

Never Say Never Again

When I told him what I wanted to do, my husband quietly chuckled to himself. I had sworn I was finished, that I was never going to touch it again. And here I was, on a Sunday morning, talking about it at the breakfast table, with our daughter sitting RIGHT THERE!!!

My manuscript.

Shame on you. What did you think I was talking about?

Yes, I have destroyed DEAD MEN. Long live DEAD MEN!

After swearing up and down in November that I was finished with it, that the revisions I had made before sending it to the Yale Younger Poets Series competition were the last revisions I would ever make to that manuscript, here I am with a COMPLETELY RESTRUCTURED manuscript with a new title and newly-written title poem.


Hopefully the new title is less ominous than the old title. The new poem I wrote ties the manuscript together like no other poem before.

And I am satisfied -- nay, excited! -- about the new manuscript in a way I have not been in a long while.

But my husband has explicit instructions to mock me should I ever use the term "never" again...

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