Sunday, January 06, 2008

"Unofficial" Resolution #1 - check!

Well, today I checked off the first of many "unofficial" resolutions (meaning I have not written any "official") for 2008: I updated every single book review page on berniE-zine!

I fixed broken links, updated lists of other books by reviewed authors, and finally upgraded the purchasing links for all the books I've reviewed that are available through Amazon. If I reviewed a book or literary magazine only available through a different web site, I checked/updated those links as well. It's been a helluva week completing this project.

In the process, I realized that, after 10 years in existence, berniE-zine now has 227 reviews! That's an average of 22.7 reviews per year. Whew. I'm gonna go pat myself on the back and open a celebratory beer.

And then I'll get cracking on some new reviews for the first 2008 issue...

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