Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Market of Note - GoNOMAD

While it seems the number of newspapers devoting Sunday space to a separate Travel section is dwindling, it's a good thing there are some exciting online publications to take up the slack. One market I recently ran across is GoNOMAD.

The site is very well organized and they do a great job at utilizing social media channels like Twitter and Pinterest.

Fellow freelance writers would do well to check out their guidelines!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Great opportunity for emerging art critics...

Passing along this great opportunity for emerging art critics... No entry fee,  £2,000 prize.


Now Open for Entries
Frieze Writer’s Prize, an annual international award to discover and promote new art critics, is now open for entries.
This year, the prize will be judged by Amy Sherlock, reviews editor of frieze, Vivian Sky Rehberg, a contributing editor offrieze based in Rotterdam, and the novelist Ned Beauman. 
The winning entrant will be commissioned to write a review for frieze and will be awarded £2,000. Entrants must submit one unpublished review of a recent contemporary art exhibition, which should be 700 words in length. Entries must be submitted in English, but may be translated (this must be acknowledged).
Entrants must be over 18 years of age. To qualify, entrants may only previously have had a maximum of three pieces of writing on art published.
The closing date for entries is 21 July 2014. 
For more information, check out frieze.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why yes, I was inspired!

On May 17, I participated in a one-day creative writing workshop offered by The Reader Berlin, a local organization that provides author and publishing services. I had heard about The Reader even before I moved to Berlin, and have followed them on Facebook for more than a year. As with most things, I like to be prepared. Before our big move, I wanted to be sure I was familiar with many of the main organizations and publishers, bookstores and reading series, so that I could hit-the-ground-running, as they say.

The one-day GET INSPIRED WORKSHOP started off at Berlin's beautiful Alte Nationalgalerie, which features 19th Century paintings and sculptures. Inside the gallery, workshop leader Victoria Gosling -- novelist, short-story writer, editor, and founder of The Reader Berlin -- provided participants with a series of writing exercises based on our intellectual and emotional interactions with the paintings and sculptures.

After a few hours of writing inspiration, our group traveled to the famed Another Country bookshop, in Kreuzberg, where we wandered and sat among the bookshelves, finding our own nooks in which to expand on the exercises from the gallery, or sitting together at the large communal table in the lower level, quietly writing away.

The price of the workshop included admission to the Alte Nationalgalerie, dinner at Another Country (cooked by store owner Sophie Raphaeline, whose Friday night dinners at the bookstore are highly-regarded salons for the city’s English-speaking residents), as well as three drinks.

The workshop was a terrific introduction to the types of offerings by The Reader Berlin. Gosling is a talented writer and equally talented workshop leader. I wrote a few flash fictions and three poem drafts over the course of the day.

The next one-day workshop is set for July 5.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

What's the Plan?

When we moved to Berlin in July 2013, it was the culmination of a plan that was ten years (plus a little wiggle room) in the making. Once we achieved the goal of that plan we looked at each other and realized it was time for a new plan.

We received 1-year self-employed visas for living in Germany. That year will expire in September. We have begun what I hope will not be a traumatizing process of renewing our visas, hoping for a longer-than-one-year time frame. As with any business, it's difficult to plan for the future if you don't know how far out "the future" extends.

One of the things that Peter & I are doing in preparation for the renewal process is formalizing the "business plans" for our respective consulting businesses. He had already created a draft for his back in January, and just needs to review it and make adjustments now that his official venture -- Geyer Global Partners -- has been operating for the past five months, making contacts, and networking his heart out. But, although I have been operating as a freelancer since January 2006, this will be my first-ever "business plan" for my business.

As Peter remarked, there's nothing like having to create a business plan to help you understand what you are really proposing to do. As I am drafting my plan, I am going between my Bernadette Geyer: Freelance Editor/Writer web site and resume, LinkedIn and web site, web site and business plan, then back to LinkedIn, tweaking and adjusting, to make sure everything is consistent.

It's a long and tedious process but, ultimately, worth every minute.

Especially when it comes time to present our plans to the folks at the visa renewal office.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Online Poetry Workshop II - Starts June 2nd!

Maybe you were tired of writing poems during National Poetry Month. Maybe you needed to take a break in May. But now, as Summer approaches, you can jump back into poem-ing with my next workshop...

Online Poetry Workshop II

Days: 4 Mondays
Dates: Starts 2 June 2014
Location: Online
Level: All Levels
Genre(s): Poetry

With the same structure as Online Poetry Workshop I, this workshop will provide different topics for generating new poems. Lessons will be posted weekly, featuring example poems and links to additional reading. Participants will share and comment on each other's work and will receive individual feedback from the workshop leader. Completion of Online Poetry Workshop I is not required for Workshop II. For more information, or to register, click here.

Friday, April 25, 2014

On Process...

I've been writing a lot of non-fiction lately, and I've come to a realization about my writing process when it comes to articles:  The first paragraph is always the most difficult, so I just start writing the middle.

It always happens that about three or four paragraphs in, I write a section that just naturally "feels" like the beginning. As soon as I move that paragraph to the top of the page, I know I have my introduction.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

For the Love of Translations

I've had the pleasure of attending many literary events here in Berlin over the past couple of months, while meeting many wonderful people involved in the city's English-language literary community. For readers who love to read translations from other countries, here are two noteworthy publishers you should know about -- one a literary journal and one a press specializing in short-form translations.


Asymptote Senior Editor Florian Duijsens
and author Thomas Pletzinger
Launched in January 2011, Asymptote's April 2014 issue features English-language translations of: poems by Elke Erb, Yousef el Qedra, and Kim Ki-Taek; fiction by Antonio Ungar, Prabda Yoon, and Marianne Fritz; an non-fiction by Herta Müller, Jonathan Littell. Each issue includes special features such as interviews.

On 3 April 2014, here in Berlin, the online journal Asymptote celebrated its 3rd anniversary -- following similar celebrations in Boston, Zagreb, Philadelphia, and Shanghai. The Berlin event featured readings from contributors Shane Anderson, Katy Derbyshire, Eugene Ostashevsky, Thomas Pletzinger, and Brittani Sonnenberg, along with Q&A discussions of the difficulties and rewards of translation.

One of my favorite quotes of the night was from Thomas Pletzinger, whose novel, Bestattung eines Hundes, was translated into English by Ross Benjamin and published as Funeral for a Dog by W.W. Norton in 2011. Pletzinger, who himself works as a translator of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, said "The great thing about translation is that you get to write a book, but you don't have to go through the whole painful process of invention."

Readux Books

Launched in 2013, Readux Books publishes short works of literature, 32-64 pages in length, with a primary focus on texts translated into English. The press aims to release four books three times each year. So far, two series have been published -- the first in October 2013 and the second in February 2014.

Felicity Hoppe and Katy Derbyshire
The Series 2 launch event in Berlin featured readings and discussions with Philipp Schonthaler -- whose work, When the Heart Drowns in Its Own Blood, was translated by Readux founder Amanda DeMarco -- and Felicity Hoppe -- whose work, Picnic of the Virtues, was translated by Katy Derbyshire. A surprise treat of the evening was hearing Hoppe read from her German translation of Green Eggs and Ham -- Grünes Ei mit Speck. Other books published in Series 2 are The Lesson, by Cilla Nauman, translated by Saskia Vogel, and Flight, by Adrian Todd Zuniga.

Readux Books has recently partnered with Edit -- a literary magazine from Leipzig, which features new German writing -- to sponsor New German Fiction, a contest for young writers. Two winning entries by 30-and-under German writers will be published -- in English by Readux Books, and in German by Edit. The deadline for entries to the New German Fiction contest is 31 May 2014.